zondag 14 oktober 2012

Neon for the home

afbeelding  JustBaustralia
Lovely homes, with a great use of some color! Just a nice touch with some naturels and white. Great work space, with cards, screen prints and tape. 

afbeelding Desire to Inspire 

I love the yellow/green door, it looks so strong with the white, timber floor and black and white wallpaper.

Nice accessoires, to add some color to your home, so you can live your own style! Screenprints from the lovely Luzelle of Mengsel design also available at Stoer in Style shop, Bloomingville storageboxes, masking tape from Eennieuwavontuur shop, fluor pink cord of House Doctor, and the lovely wooden houses designed by Wikkie

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Die huisjes, heb ze al vaker gezien maar blijf ze leuk vinden...

    1. 'ieder huisje, zijn kruisje' , verkrijgbaar via www.wikkie.nl