donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Helsinki Home

How nice this combination of black and white in the apartment in Helsinki of Susanna and Jussi Vento
It's small, but so bright because of all the white and the nice details and different shapes. Great use of color, by some little neon, black and white prints and naturel wood accents. Love the wallpaper of Fine Little Day and the different chairs and the long black table, to spend some family time. 

What a beautiful new art print of One Must Dash, Small Talk! Nice to combine in a black and white interior! Also now available in The Netherlands at Stoer in Style shop.
Images apartment design Sponge, image Small talk One Must Dash

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel mooi! helemaal mijn stijl. Voor het poster ga ik even op in je webshop kijken.
    Gr. Stephanie

  2. Ja, hier hou ik van. Net wat stephanie zegt... mooie post, dankje.